Injection and sample lances

Injection lances (or fittings) are generally used within dosing systems as a means of introducing chemicals into main pipeline streams. Sample lances are used to extract samples for quality monitoring.

Prochem manufactures a wide range of both withdrawable and fixed fittings. Fixed fittings are installed semi-permanently and can only be removed with the main de-pressurised. On the other hand, withdrawable injection fittings (WIF) offer much more versatility – they can be withdrawn whilst the main is under pressure. All Prochem WIF’s are designed for maximum ease of use and incorporate anti blow-out stops to prevent inadvertent complete expulsion of the lance during withdrawal.


Withdrawable injection and sample lances

The seal gland provides both adequate sealing to design pressures and a good degree of control of the lance against line expulsion forces during withdrawal.

Lances can incorporate NRV’s to prevent backflow and a variety of diffuser types are available to accelerate dispersion. Construction is such that a wide variety of materials can be used and designs are available for either full width, centre line or part way insertion. Mains and dosing pressures up to 70 BarG. can be accommodated. Sizing of injection fittings is governed by the flow rate of the injected chemical (dosage) as this dictates the lance diameter and hence the pipeline connection that will accommodate that lance.

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Information required for quotation

  • Main line size, pressure, and preferred tapping size & type (or existing tapping details).
  • Type of injection fitting required, insertion distance, if NRV required, and preferred dosage connection.