Pulsation dampers

Designed to meet the needs of dosing pump manufacturers, dosing system builders and end users, Prochem pulsation dampers provide a simple, inexpensive and reliable means of stabilising flows and pressures whilst reducing pipework vibrations.

Bladder type pulsation dampers

The dampers work by removing the pressure peaks from the discharge of reciprocating dosing pumps. In doing this, they prevent damage to equipment, avoid excessive vibration and allow accurate flow measurement. When fitted to the suction side of dosing pumps, the dampers will also prevent cavitation on long suction lines.

Prochem dampers are available in three basic configurations – bladder, membrane, and bellows – to meet the various requirements of pressure, corrosion resistance and capacity.



PP / PVC / PVDF / PTFE / 316 / Hastelloy / Titanium
Other exotic alloys with operating pressures up to 200 BarG

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Information required for quotation

  • Maximum flow rate of pump, pressure and maximum strokes per minute
  • Type of pump – simplex, duplex, triplex etc
  • Liquid to be pumped and temperature

Prochem are the UK distributor for Hidracar pulsation dampers